1967 Construction Set
1964 Tonka Farms
Dodge Style Pickup
1970 Dump Truck
1960 Tonka Farms
1975 Dump with Trailered Mixer
1962 Hydraulic Dump
1963 #625 Pickup and Horse Trailer set. I found this unopened in the box. This pic was taken right after I opened it up. First time out of box in over 40 years
Same story with this 1963 Camper. I had just removed the wax paper that covers the camper top
1962, 1963 and 1964 Camper Boxes
Here are 3 versions of the Dodge Camper. I  found the middle truck in this brown cardboard box with numbers on it. There were no Tonka markings on the box. I didn't think it was original until I found another one in the same box. This time it was the later version. The boxes are made by the Waldorf box co. of St. Paul Mn. who also made the Tonka boxes of this era.  The 2 versions on the left have the metal rear camper door. The later version on the right has the plastic rear door.
Blue Dodge style Hydraulic Dump truck
3 versions of the Red and Green Dump Trucks
Dark Blue and White Sanitation Truck
1962 Red Green Dump Truck
1965 Red Green Dump Truck
1968 Red Green Dodge Dump Truck
1965 Mini-Tonka Sportsman Set
1974 Turbine dump with pup trailer
1958 Hydraulic dump
Army Jeep
1976 Super Tanker
1973 Mighty Roller
Mighty Wrecker
1963 Ramp Hoist
1970 Dodge dump w/sandloader
1970 Mighty Scraper
1963 Hydraulic Dump
1972 Aerial Ladder
1961 Red/Green Dump Truck
Pictures of Vintage Tonka Trucks from the 60's, 70's and 80's
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